Lilian Chanussot

80s, 90s, Classic Hits, Contemporary, Funk & Soul, Jazz & Swing, Pop, Reggae

Queenstown, Wanaka

Artist Bio

Lilian Chanussot is a French alto saxophonist based in Queenstown. With 12 years of training as a classical musician at the Dole Conservatory (France), he quickly emancipated himself to discover new styles such as Jazz/Funk, rock and reggae. Having been part of different local music groups, he was able to try out and perfect his techniques in these musical genres. Discovering electronic music production a little later, he offers original compositions and collaborations with numerous artists, making his musical repertoire broad and eclectic. Moving from the score to improvisation, he will always be able to make you swing and set the dance floor on fire.
Lilian regularly plays at different types of events around Queenstown, such as bars, clubs, or weddings collaborating with different types of artists.

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